About Our Sponsorship

We support sustainable projects that give wide-spread impacts to the people and our environment. Our concentration is towards our UDA Cares CSR Programs and the community in which UDA works closely with.  

We are always open to new ideas and initiatives, especially with those that share the same goals and principles. However, in order to be most effective, we need to focus our resources and fund projects that fulfill these qualifications: 

The 4 Pillars



We focus on projects that benefit the community at large, in any of our 5 pillars instead of only a small group or people. 



We expect our sponsored projects to have clear, tangible benefits that can be measured and monitored constantly.



We like to support visionary organizations that have plans to be self-sustained after UDA’s sponsorship has ended.



In order to assist our evaluation of your proposals, we may require additional documents from our applicants. We hope that our applicants can accommodate to our requests when needed.

Who We Fund

We’re willing to fund various government stakeholders, from ministries (MED, KPKT, MOF, etc.) to local municipalities and services such as law enforcement agencies and your local fire & rescue department. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) registered with local authorities may apply for sponsorships as well. Educational entities are also encouraged to apply, given that one of our four pillars in UDA Cares is in fact, education. 

We will not entertain NGOs that are not registered with Registry of Societies Malaysia (ROS) or Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM). Individuals or small group of individuals will not be entertained, and we will not work with political organizations and politically affiliated programs.  

Application Process

Application Process

We receive a high amount of applications daily; and each application is evaluated thoroughly. Approval process typically takes from 1 month to 45 days. Once approved, our officer in-charge will contact you. Kindly ensure that all contact details are available.  

Please plan your application timeline accordingly and look out for our application deadlines. Once you feel that you fulfill the requirements for sponsorship according to our requirements, you can send in your letter/proposal to: 

Group Corporate Communications Division

6th Floor, Tower Block, Pertama Complex
Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman
50100, Kuala Lumpur

Email: baizura@udanet.com

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