Over our 50-year history, we have had time to reflect and identify what is truly important to you so we can deliver the best quality of life.  

We want a safe haven for ourselves and our families. A home in the present and the asset for the future. This is our legacy. 

We want an uncluttered day with easy access to all the things we need, with facilities and amenities where all our desires are integrated. We want an environment that is well thought out and pleasing to the eye with features that are built with quality and finesse.  

We want a return on our investment in time, money and effort. Life is not just something we follow but something we can enrich. 

Legacy, Integrated, Finesse, Enrich, that’s LIFE with UDA 

The 4 Pillars



Legacy is about family and values. It’s about leaving a footprint for the future generation and celebrating the heritage we live in. Whether you a high income earner or someone who buys affordable homes, UDA is a place that will always have a home and inheritance for your family.



UDA properties and township are about smart locations. Places that are integrated with amazing infrastructures, good facilities, meticulous town planning, nearby attractions and easy access to transportation. People are constantly looking to have a place of convenience to grow together and UDA integrates this in all its offerings. 



To put it simply: culture and lifestyle. UDA buyers are people who understand the importance of culture and enjoys a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. UDA properties offer great places of learning, dining, shopping, wellness and caring all within its vicinity. All UDA properties are created with finesse and detailed down to a T. 



Owning a home or property is a long term investment. Some consider ir as a second home, others as capital gain. For investors, UDA strives to be the  smart choice. A place where assets will always improve in the future.

UDA with life

will be a core DNA for UDA for all its properties and services.

The aspiration forwill be trickled down to all its subsidiaries, carrying the essence of. In terms of corporate governance, it will help everyone within the organisation and also the public to understand whatstands for - Legacy, Integrated, Finesse and Enrich.

Themotto will be seen throughout its brand image, celebrating.

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